The Mother Ship Digital Residency & e-Campus

In April the Captain of the Mother Ship will be me! Captain Harrie, will be exploring some of the textile traditions of Southern Spain to celebrate the month of April.








The project which we will work through in April is: 

For the month of April we will be sailing to the South of Spain to celebrate what is traditionally an important time for festivals. We will decorate ourselves, our homes and our pets joyfully and each week we will give you a new recipe from the South of Spain to make it a more complete experience.



Today we will look at pompons and the way they are used to decorate livestock for parades and processions.

We will also make Salmorejo - a traditional cold soup from the beautiful South of Spain.


This week we will travel to Elche and learn about the incredible woven palm art which they produce for Easter celebrations all over Spain.

If you have palm trees in your area get a fresh palm leaf, for those of you who don't. some raffia or wild grass that is good for weaving would be perfect!

Our tapa for the week is a typical delicay of Elche made, of course, with dates.


This week we will travel to Jerez, which is the home of Sherry, Flamenco and the National Equestrian School... We will look at costumes for both Flamenco and Equestrian Uniforms and make some simple tassels which are traditionally used for both people and horses!


We will also make a tradtional sweet "Tocino de cielo" (heavenly lard).


Our last two stops will focus on shawls "Mantones" and Mantillas and we will travel to meet two of the most important ateliers of traditional fashion; Artesania Florencia in Alcalá la Real (Jaén) which is a studio that produces hand embroidered lace mantillas, fans and other accessories and Angeles Espinar in  Villamanrique de la Condesa (Seville) where the most beautiful embroidered shawls in Spain are still produced.

We will look at the inspiration behind their designs and develop an idea for a shawl of our own.

The final cooking lesson will be a very typical tapa from the south "Rabo de Toro" ox tail, cooked with smoked paprika "Pimenton".


What do you need:

_Woollen yarn


_ A palm leaf or strips of card or raffia

_Embroidery floss


_Needles, scissors etc








Then in mid-May we will hold a digital exhibition of everyone's work :)

If you would like to join us on our virtual campus join the waitlist here below and we will keep you updated with the details, and if you are an artist working in a textile medium who would be interested in being one of our residents you can get in touch here.

Decorative Blanket for a Mule, Andalucia

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