TextileSupport is a project initiated by Angharad Rixon, technical textile historian, who after years of teaching in the field of fashion and design chose to respond to the growing need for technical and practical information in the textile sector, and so Textile Support was born; a place where all who work with or have a passion for textiles can learn about techniques and materials, exchange ideas and create new hybrids resulting from the blending of tradition and technology.

TextileSupport has developed in two directions over the years; the first being a series of textile tours in Italy and Spain to allow participants to experience the extraordinary textile history and culture of these countries and to meet and learn from some of the dedicated artisans who continue these traditions.


The second is technical textile education, having begunrunning workshops in Pavia, Italy and then Wollongong, Australia we have decided to develop this branch of TextileSupport into an online e-school to be able to give students, designers, makers and artists the technical support to bring their ideas into being. 


The aims of this project are:


° To maintain a high level of technical competence among young designers and makers


° Be a technical and cultural resource for designers, artists and architects


° Safeguard textile traditions via philological studies and reconstructions


° Provide accurate and detailed information about traditional and new materials


° Encourage dialogue between scholars, technicians, artists and designers

Angharad Rixon.JPG
Angharad Rixon



Angharad Rixon is a historian specialised in textile techniques; in particular lace, embroidery and decorative braids. She is interested in structures, surface treatments, textile materials and the survival of “dynamic” textile traditions.

She has taught various subjects including costume and textile history and textile techniques for design students and professionals both at Italian and international institutions including NABA in Milan, the Roberto Capucci Foundation in Florence and the Sturt Centre for Contemporary Craft, Australia.

She is the founder of Textile Support.