This 6-lesson e-course is a great introduction to knitting 3D forms in fine wire. It takes you through the tools you will need, the knitting process & 4 projects designed to gradually build your skill set and confidence with some troubleshooting and pep-talks along the way!

A surprisingly versatile technique, students have gone on to use this technique in jewellery, sculpture, ceramics and endless other applications.


You can join by clicking the link which will take you to the Namastream app where our courses are hosted, or if you would like to know more keep reading :)


Are you a passionate knitter who has been wanting to work with wire?

Perhaps you are a jeweller or metal smith wanting to incorporate textile techniques into your work...

This workshop has been especially designed to bridge the gap between the textile and metal worlds and get you on the way to knitting beautiful 3D wire forms with confidence!

What you will learn:

  • The tools and materials you will need (including a suppliers list)

  • How to cast-on, increase & decrease stitches

  • We will work through 4 projects - the Twisting Shell, Sphere, Open Flower and Doughnut - gradually building your skill set and confidence 

  • You will learn 3 different ways of finishing your pieces

  • Your imagination will be ignited by the end of the course as you realize the endless creative possibilities this technique offers...

About your instructor:

Angharad Rixon is a historian specialised in textile techniques; in particular lace, embroidery and decorative braids. She is interested in structures, surface treatments, textile materials and the survival of “dynamic” textile traditions.

She has taught a variety of subjects including costume and textile history and textile techniques for design students and professionals both at Italian and international institutions including NABA in Milan, the Roberto Capucci Foundation in Florence and the Sturt Centre for Contemporary Craft, Australia.

" Enjoyed and inspired so much! I cannot help myself stop thinking what kind of experiments I should do next.


Thank you so much Angharad for such a wonderful experience."

Ryoko K.

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