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Colette Wolff

The Art of Manipulating Fabric

Still the first and the best of the modern books about fabric manipulation techniques. It is very clearly set out and rigorous in examining possible variations. All the samples are worked in plain calico showing the quality of each form/technique, leaving the creative application to you. It is basically an encyclopedia of surface manipulation techniques and a must have for every textile designer’s library.

Find this book here.

Paul Jackson

Folding Techniques for Designers: From Sheet to Form

This book is a must have for all designers. Beautifully photographed and clearly laid out it is a wonderful starting point for anyone beginning their folding design journey.

Find this book here.

Paul Jackson

Complete Pleats: Pleating Techniques for Fashion, Architecture and Design

Basically, any book by Paul Jackson is worth buying. He is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher and skilled artist. His book on pleating examines the many processes used in both fashion and industrial design and is full of concrete know-how to develop your own work.

Find this book here.

Paul Jackson

Cut and Fold Paper Textures: Techniques for Surface Design

This is Paul’s most recent book and it is, as always, a very methodical approach to the problem he seeks to solve. The book is thought out for paper but many of the techniques can also be applied to fabric.

Find this book here.

Benjamin DiLeonardo-Parker

Six Simple Twists: The Pleat Pattern Approach to Origami Tessellation Design

This is a more recent book on tessellations; the title is deceiving as it is quite technical, but for anyone who would like to use this to further develop complex shadowfolds and smock designs it is a really useful book.

It is available here.

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Drusilla Cole

Textiles Now

Even though this book is already a decade old it is an amazing source of inspiration for textile design with a wide selection of works and ideas from textile and fashion designers as well as artists and craftspeople.

Find this book here.

Eric Gjerde

Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs

This is a great resource for those who would like to explore the possibilities of tessellated patterns using the “Shadowfolds” technique. This is an origami book but it explains the principles really clearly and Eric is a great teacher.

Find this book here.

Jeffrey Rutzky & Chris Palmer

Shadowfolds: Surprisingly Easy-to-Make Geometric Designs in Fabric

This book has amazing potential and from a technical perspective is a must-have. Bear in mind that it is the work of two origami artists/mathematicians so it isn’t always as on point as it might be from a design perspective, but take the technical know how and add your design experience and great things can happen.

The book is available here.

Ruth Singer

Fabric Manipulation: 150 Creative Sewing Techniques

This is a very interesting book for looking at trimmings and details. Worth a read.

You can find it here.

Alison Reid

Stitch Magic: A Compendium of Techniques for Stitching Fabric into Exciting New Forms and Fashions

A beautifully set out and photographed book with a wide variety of techniques.

It can be found here.

Tomoko Nakamichi

Pattern Magic (series)

This extraordinary series of books has changed the way most of us think about pattern making, and if combined with texts like Paul Jackson’s Folding Techniques for Designers and Colette Wolff’s The Art of Manipulating Fabric the possibilities are endless.

Available here.

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