The Mother Ship Digital Residency & e-Campus

In March the Captain of the Mother Ship will be London-based Italian designer Giacomo Bevanati.









From an early stage, Giacomo was interested in the visual perception of forms, light, transparencies and how the eye treats the mind with a thoughtful use of them. Earning a bachelor of Product Design and a Master’s degree in Architecture provided him all the technical knowledge, understanding of materials and 3D modeling he needed to explore these themes.

Once he had the technical knowledge and the conviction to create art, the choice of material was the next step. Giacomo was keen to use a simple material with shining properties and after examining various options he decided to use brass and steel wire. In addition to the qualities of the material, the concept of using something cheap to create something precious was very attractive.

Creating a net of sewn wire without any specific mental patterns and the use of different gauges gives the artist the ability to create unique shapes and curvatures. The process followed during the last four years has been a self-taught process of discovering how the weight, the tension and the structure of the net can be transformed into an art piece.

You can check out his website here.

The project which he will work through with you in March is: 

"Giacomo will invite the Textile Support members to be part of a proper “New Surrealist Manifesto” called “The Glasses” with a final Exhibition of wearable art pieces made by the participants who will proceed with their own vision/concept and technique to follow the same goal.

The final project consists of designing your magical glasses to see the world in a way that you would like to see, to watch through them and to be joyful in this special time of changes.

The exhibition will encourage people to keep focus on their own point of view."



-Introduction of the “5 Stages of the Creative Process” (Preparation, Incubation, Illumination, Evaluation, and Verification) through the first Giacomo's pair of glasses for the final collection.

-Brainstorming for the “Preparation Stage”


-Introduction of Iconic Wearable-art eyes pieces in the Fashion Industry

-Collective workshop glasses' temples (2D making)


-Collective workshop glasses' front side (3D making)


-Collective workshop glasses' front side (3D making)


Presentation of Giacomo's collection made during the residency and single art works from the participants.


What do you need:

_basic tools

_0.6 mm wire (You can choose between Steel, Copper or Brass)

_ Mirror or Head Mannequin

_paper and pencil













Then in the first week of April we will hold a digital exhibition of everyone's work :)

If you would like to join us on our virtual campus join the waitlist here below and we will keep you updated with the details, and if you are an artist working in a textile medium who would be interested in being one of our residents you can get in touch here.

Minòtauros, 2018

Steel wire