The Mother Ship Digital Residency & e-Campus

In July the Captain of the Mother Ship will be Melbourne-based designer Isabel Avendano Hazbun.








Always curious and driven by research and process, where there are no rules that can not be broken, Isabel is a textile designer and a furniture maker interested in intersecting these two mediums in new and stimulating ways resulting in 3D objects that may or may not have a function.



Instagram: @isabel_avendano_hazbun

You can check out her website here.

The project which she will work through with you in July is: 


What I am really interested in at the moment is the wrapping and covering of objects. At my current job we manufacture lights that we cover in calico for shipping and it started me thinking about how we have been wrapping ourselves, and our belongings, forever. The act of wrapping equals protection and comfort and safety. We wrap our bodies in warm clothes against the cold, we use gloves when touching hot things, wrap our hair to protect our curls. 


I want to use this technique and it’s limitless possibilities through a sustainability lens. I want to use objects that we might otherwise discard and cover them using fabrics and other materials like rubber, leather, paper and tape, things that we no longer want, and give them new life using cheap, practical and easily set up methods of making like knots, papier mache techniqes, sewing. This idea of the transformation of objects and specially the transformation of materials through destruction and reassembly is a concept that drives my every day practice. 


This learning experience can be modelled and scaled to each individual student’s ability and time. From wrapping small objects like wire and PVC pipes to make wearables to large objects like covering furniture. We can produce a series of lights by creating semi-transparent shapes with a light source. We can group objects together and then cover these objects as a single form creating a sculpture. It can also be simple and practical by wrapping something hot like a mug in leather or something slippery in tyre inner tube (rubber). We can also throughout the conversations learn about furoshiki the art of Japanese gift wrapping.













If you would like to join us on our virtual campus join the waitlist here below and we will keep you updated with the details, and if you are an artist working in a textile medium who would be interested in being one of our residents you can get in touch here.

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