Viking knit is an ancient technique used for making beautiful metal chains. It is different to chainmaille because it is made with a continuous wire rather than a series of individual links and it's a great introduction to working textile techniques in metal.


For both beginners and advanced level makers this is a great skill to add to your metal textile toolbox; it can be learned in a day and only requires a few simple tools and materials. 


You can join by clicking the link which will take you to the Namastream app where our courses are hosted, or if you would like to know more keep reading :)


If  you are a jeweller or metal smith looking for a new technique to expand your skill set...

Perhaps you are a textile practitioner who would like to learn some tricks for making metal textiles...

Or maybe you just love all things VIKING!

What you will learn:

  • About the origins and history of Viking knit

  • The tools and materials you will need (including a suppliers list)

  • How to cast-on & join wires

  • How to knit single & double stitch

  • A special magic trick that with even-out your knitting!

  • Considerations about designing your chain and how to calculate the length required

  • Three different ways of finishing your work which can be used by absolute beginners and more advanced Vikings ;)

About your instructor:

Angharad Rixon is a historian specialised in textile techniques; in particular lace, embroidery and decorative braids. She is interested in structures, surface treatments, textile materials and the survival of “dynamic” textile traditions.

She has taught a variety of subjects including costume and textile history and textile techniques for design students and professionals both at Italian and international institutions including NABA in Milan, the Roberto Capucci Foundation in Florence and the Sturt Centre for Contemporary Craft, Australia.

" Enjoyed and inspired so much! I cannot help myself stop thinking what kind of experiments I should do next.


Thank you so much Angharad for such a wonderful experience."

Ryoko K.


How many classes and how long are the classes? 

There are 6 lessons in this course which range between 20 and 35 mins.

Can I do the classes any time, or should I be online at a set time with the class? 

This is a self-study course, you can go at your own pace, all of the videos and PDFs you need are stored in your user area for you to access whenever you like.

When does the course begin or is it permanently available online? 

This course is always open for new students.

How long do I have access to the class? 

You have lifetime access to the course.

How do you deal with questions? Is there a group q&a session, or should I just email you?  

We have a closed Facebook group for our students where they can post questions and each week I do a live stream every Thursday where I discuss some of the queries students have about various topics. These are archived within the group and also recorded and posted on TextileSupport's YouTube Channel. To join the Facebook group you can knock here: and I will let you in!

For any other questions just drop me a line :)

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