The Mother Ship Digital Residency & e-Campus

In February the Captain of the Mother Ship will be Australian artist Michele Elliot.



Michele is an Australian artist working predominantly in installation. Her project during February will be:

at hand: a creative project and digital exhibition

As 2020 draws to a close, it is timely to reflect on the shifts brought about by the pandemic, in the way we create, the way we work and the way we come together as makers, teachers, families and communities. While there has been so much loss and disconnection with travel, health, livelihoods and wellbeing, this has also been a time to focus, learn new skills or revisit ideas and projects. A time to reconnect with oneself.

With this in mind, my proposal, at hand, comes out of this stillness. Working with collected materials, fabric and thread, I will make a series of small embroideries. The source drawings for these are contained in my journals from residencies, travels and time spent living in other places. I have maintained this practice as a way to slow down, to look closely and be present in the act of drawing.

You can check out her website here.

You can hear our interview on TextileStories with Michele here

The project which she will work through with you in February is: 

"I invite the Textile Support community to join me on this project where we stitch together, and work with what they may have at hand.

The structure will be open with time for discussion and demonstrations. Beginning with the project overview and a presentation of examples of artists working within a framework of objects and memory, I will facilitate some simple drawing and design exercises from which to begin. We will explore some hand-stitching techniques for those new to embroidery. There will also be some optional tasks for members to complete each week.


Materials: please source whatever you need from your workspace, studio, linen cupboards, mending pile, rag collection. Threads too. Let’s be resourceful and let the materials determine how the work unfolds."

Then in the first week of March we will hold a digital exhibition of everyone's work :)

If you would like to join us on our virtual campus join the waitlist here below and we will keep you updated with the details, and if you are an artist working in a textile medium who would be interested in being one of our residents you can get in touch here.

whitewash (detail)  2014

found and gifted clothing, cotton thread, mapping pins


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