Knitting & Weaving with Wire - Franklin (Tas) Workshop

Join me for 5 days of knitting and weaving with wire in beautiful Franklin, Tasmania!


Over the five days we will study two different knitting techniques and an ancient weaving technique to create beautiful, intricate fabrics. This workshop is suited to textile practicioners who wish to incorporate wire into their work and metalsmiths and jewellers who are interested in exploring textile techniques; but also sculptors, ceramicists and anyone who loves to work with their hands.


The descriptions of each module are here below: 


Tablet Weaving

This workshop aims to introduce weavers to the challenge of weaving both flat and tubular fabrics in fine wire. Tablet weaving is particularly suited to wire, and we will explore a variety of techniques to help manage the peculiarities of weaving metal and to see which ones give the most interesting effects. Students will learn to set up a warp using tablets and wire and after weaving a sample will design and make two bangles: one in a flat and the other in a tubular weave.


Knit like a Viking!

During this workshop the participants will learn the two stitches of an ancient wire knitting technique which is known as “Viking Knit”. During the morning, the participants will make samples of the two main stitches to understand the principle behind the technique and get used to working with metal wire. In the afternoon, each participant will make their very own Viking Knit bangle to take home.


Sculptural Knitted Wire Jewellery

Knitting metal wire in the traditional way with two needles or even on a spool or knitting Nancy results in a very open knit as wire is not elastic in the way that yarn is. During this workshop, we will explore an alternative technique of knitting wire which allows you to knit beautiful 3D forms with greater control over the size of the stitches and texture of the knit than traditional knitting. We will begin with a sample to learn how to cast on, knit and cast off.

We will work on a small project of sculptural knitted beads and experiment with different ways of using them in jewellery.


For any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Date: 16 - 20 April, 2020

Fee: $550 (includes  GST & materials)
Location: The Palais, 3388 Huon Hwy, Franklin, Tasmania
Timetable: 9:30 – 16:30


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