Tassels: Jewels of Thread

Tassels: Jewels of Thread

There are two last places to join our tassel making class during summer school! 


Tassels have a long and fascinating history in fashion, costume, decoration of animals and the home. Your adventure into tassels begins with an historical introduction and the myriad of techniques used to make them, then continues on to explore the different parts of the tassel and the skills required to make the them: the head, the skirt and the diverse cords and loops from which they hang. 


You will be guided to construct and cover the head of a tassel then create elements such as knots, pompoms and tufts which can be used to form the skirt. Once assembled, explore techniques for making twisted, braided, knotted and knitted cords and different approaches to connecting the pieces. You will create three tassels based on historic examples from the 17th Century and finally apply the knowledge learned to designing and making a tassel of your own.


This workshop is part of Stut Craft Centre's 2021 Summer School and bookings can be made via their website here.


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