What's in a Thread?

A couple of weeks ago I posted some SEM photographs of threads taken from 17th Century needle laces on Instagram and it sparked quite a bit of discussion and many questions, so for this episode of TextileStories I wanted to tell the story of some of the research I have done looking at thread samples taken from 17th century laces.

It is amazing what we can find when we set our preconceptions aside and simply look. I would love to hear from anyone else who has been looking at fibres used to make lace as I think it is definitely research worth continuing!

P.S. This week it is probably better to view the YouTube version of the podcast as the slides will help you follow better, but it has also been published just as an audio as always.

You can download and read a couple of papers which I have written on the subject of analysing threads from antique laces here.

For more reading about the fashion for Italian lace in France during the 17th Century you can download the "Revolt of the Passements" from the University of Arizona’s digital textile archive via one of the links below:

A great translation of the poem "Revolt of the Passements" can be found here published in 1935 by New York’s famous Needle and Bobbin Club, the original text in French comes first and is followed by the English Translation: https://www2.cs.arizona.edu/patterns/weaving/books/unk_pass.pdf

Here instead is a copy of one of the Needle and Bobbin Club’s journals where the poem has been illustrated with examples from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: https://www2.cs.arizona.edu/patterns/weaving/articles/nb30_pas.pdf

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